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It's Time for a Change

Our current County Judge will have been in office for 20 years at the end of this term and I think that is long enough for any one person to hold the same public office. You can look at Washington to see the results of career politicians. I think it is time for new leadership in the county. Johnson County is one of the fastest growing counties in Texas and we need to be working on strategic plans for all areas of our county government in order to take a proactive approach to this growth and rather than being reactive and waiting for problems to occur before addessing solutions.


"I want to bring my leadership and planning skills as well my technology and finance background to the County Judge's office. With these skills, I can help guide our county government to be more efficient and productive by getting more out of our technology and money, while making sure that county government remains responsive to its citizens"


Thank you and God Bless Johnson County.


Justin Hewlett



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